P'til Tekhelet
The Association for the Promotion
and Distribution of Tekhelet
Jerusalem, Israel


Tekhelet Tidbits


  • I made Avraham rich! (Parshat Lech L'cha)

  • Skeptics beware! (Torah Codes)

  • Chanukah and Tzitzis

  • By the seashore (Blessings of the 12 tribes)

  • As high as the sky (The Sapphire Vision)

  • Tekhelet in the Desert

  • The 39 Melachot

  • Purim Costumes

  • G-d only knows (Counterfeit Tekhelet)

  • The Shaatnez Exception

  • The WoodGatherer Revisited

  • The Sound of Tekhelet

  • Remembering 613

  • Tekhelet in the Mishkan

  • Tisha b'Av and Tekhelet

  • Wrap it Up (On Tallit, Succah, and Yishuv HaAretz)