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Below are various tekhelet related learning materials.  To order please send a request to: info@tekhelet.com






Tekhelet Timeline Poster

A slim, full-color poster suitable for display at home, school or office.

Dimensions: 98.5cm x 21.8 cm.

To view the on-line version click here.                        


Tekhelet Sea Shell – Murex trunculus

The real sea-shell from which tekhelet is produced.


Tekhelet Tying Methods Display Box

A beautiful museum quality display box containing examples of all the major methods for tying tekhelet.


Tekhelet Dye Kit

A complete chemistry kit including Murex snail powder, necessary chemicals, wool tufts and instructions to produce real tekhelet dye.


“Kelil Tekhelet”

R. Eliyahu Tavger’s comprehensive investigation into tzitzit and tekhelet. (Hebrew)


“Lulaot HaTekhelet”

R. Shlomo Teitelbaum’s in-depth analysis of tekhelet.               (Hebrew)             


“Eved HaMelech”

R. Yehuda Rock’s work dealing with various issues surrounding tekhelet. (Hebrew)


“The Mystery of Tekhelet” - CD

An invaluable audio-visual introduction to the world of tekhelet. (English OR Hebrew)

Download English

Download Hebrew

“Tying Tzitzit with Tekhelet” - CD

An in-depth hands-on explanation of all the major methods of tying tzitzit with tekhelet. (English)




o        For more information or placing an order: info@tekhelet.com.